Welcome to TAK Gaming TV, this is the official website for both the Twitch and YouTube streaming channels. TAK Gaming TV, formerly, Bulletstorm65, is the new name for the channels, mainly because I had big changes going on in my life, and needed something different.

I still go by the nickname/gamertag “Bullet” or “Bulletstorm”, but the channel names have changed to reflect the new. TAK Gaming TV comes from my initials, and the TV part came from the fact that people aren’t watching on computers, phones, or tablets anymore… They are watching YouTube and Twitch on TV’s. As a matter of fact, I watch Twitch on a 50″ TV in the living room using an Amazon Fire stick.

So as you may have noticed, I am no longer Live Streaming to YouTube any more. Well, for the second time, I have signed up with the Twitch affiliate program! So I stream on Twitch, and then upload that stream to YouTube for the subscribers there to view it. This way, I can make money, albeit, and small amount, from both platforms.

I have a discord community that you are welcome to join. Just visit https://discord.gg/NMTNeNm to join. Then head to the #discord-rules channel and read the rules and give it a thumbs up to have your role upgraded, so you can access more! We would love to have more gamers and streamers join our community.