There are many ways to support the stream, a few ways don’t even require you to spend any money! By you supporting the stream, you help me with things like frequent giveaways, web hosting cost, new games to deliver more content to you, and the list goes on…

So here are the ways you can help support the stream…

  1. Make a donation using this link:
  2. Subscribe on Twitch for $4.99/month
  3. Use this link to shop on Amazon:

The first method, is making a donation of any amount. This goes to my Paypal account and is accessible to me immediately. This helps me the most with giveaways and other purchases I need to make.

So the second one is subscribing to the channel and paying $4.99 a month. When my Twitch balance reaches $100, Twitch sends me the money. So depending on my balance, it may take a while to get this money.

With the third method, You just go to amazon using that link. Anything you buy then will give me a small “bounty” or associate fee. It doesn’t cost you any extra! This method, like the first, takes time to reach a minimum amount before amazon sends the money.

Now I told you there were some ways to support the stream that do not cost you a dime… So here they are:

  1. Use your Twitch Prime Free Sub on me.
  2. Use Gawkbox to tip me:
  3. Purchase any of the same gear I use from the MY GEAR page on Twitch

So with this first one, if you have Amazon Prime, and a free account on Twitch, you get 1 free Prime Sub to use on your favorite stream, that’s me in this case!

The second method, you complete tasks, like follow Gawkbox on Twitch, and you earn coins. Then you use those coins to purchase “Stickers” from the store. Those stickers will show up on the stream along with your name! I get the donation in my account. I just signed up for this, so this is kind of new to me as well.

The third method is like the Amazon link, but on my Twitch page, there is a “MY GEAR” panel, that lists some of the equipment I use. You can purchase from those links and I get the bounty. Again, this doesn’t cost you anything.