Tis the Season!

Tis the season….. FOR THIEVES!

So I ordered a monitor arm, and a 1TB SSD drive, using the Christmas bonus, and a $100 Amazon Gift card. It was delivered, Friday 12/14/2018 at 2:53 PM According to UPS. I arrived home at 3pm. In that short amount of time, someone stole the packages from my door step. I don’t know if Amazon or UPS will refund me, or send me new items, or most likely, do nothing. But I’m not going to let this stop me from ordering. So I purchased a security camera that mounts over the door. The camera is on the outside, and a battery pack and wifi antenna is on the other side. I will let you know how that goes, it should be delivered on Sunday. 

And I’ll bet you thought this was going to be a Christmas Post…